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           I wanted to firstly give a huge thank you for coming to check out my page! Here you'll get an inside look at what makes me... well me! I'd love to use this space to be open about my thoughts, challenges, projects, and progression. In turn forging a strong relationship with you guys, my audience and becoming a go-to for information and inspiration! I am still taking in life's great lessons amidst the trials, my hopes are to share both with YOU as I continue my journey.

Born in Memphis, TN and raised in Atlanta, I've now relocated back to hometown where it all began. It is here that I discovered my love for modeling. Back In November of 2017, a family friend persuaded me to attend the casting for Harlem's Fashion Row's NYFW Event in Memphis. Not only was I selected to open and close for several designers, I was featured on LOCAL MEMPHIS LIVE and WREG MEMPHIS advertising this extraordinary event. I was euphoric throughout the entire experience. I knew I had found my passion.

However, I didn't find my way back to modeling until September of 2018. What was I waiting on? Finally something inside of me clicked and I decided to book my first head shot session. I checked whatever excuses I had at the door of my first  shoot and never looked back. From then until now, has been a whirlwind of experiences some more favorable then others, but all of them taught me something new and meaningful. 

Since my start I've made it my business to travel and create opportunities for myself. I can now say after being published, walking in shows like HFR's NYFW in Memphis, Fashion Gallery's FW19, SOCIETY FW19, ASC PRODUCTIONS FW19, WALK FW19, and more I am an experienced runway model. In that same period of time I have completed over 20 on-location and studio shoots, working with companies like AMPRO GEL, CITY GEAR and featured NYFW designers TIENA GWIN, TANGINIKA BY TANGIE, DEMI BLVCK, plus more!

Throughout this entire process some of the most important lessons I have learned is to never change yourself for the market, but to make the market change for you and once fear is removed so is any impossibility! I've learned so many more things and wish to share them with you all very soon, for any model, entrepreneur, or dreamer you never know when your breakthrough is just on the other side of that breakdown. Stay resilient under any condition!



Nami the Muse 

P.S. I find it important to be unyielding to your morals and nature. With that being said I cannot forget to mention my amazing family, and three-year-old daughter, Lauren-McKinsey who has played a colossal part in my life. Please enjoy the surrounding photos below as you get a better view of who I am.



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Name: Nami Madyun​​

Location: Memphis, TN/ NYC

​​Hair Color: Black
Eyes Color: Brown
Height: 5’9”
Bust: 34”
Waist: 25”
Hips: 36"

Dress: 2/4
Shoe: 10/11


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